Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weigh-in and a holiday!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I was ecstatic to weigh in on Friday and see that I had lost 800g for a total of 1.3kg (2.9lb) in two weeks! Yay me!

I have eaten almost all of my weekly extra points both weeks, so I know that I am losing more slowly this go around with Weight Watchers due to those extra weekly points. However, I started at 20 pounds lower than the first time I began WW! With less weight to lose, it's no wonder it comes off slower!

(PS - Congratulations to me for having kept off 20 pounds for 2 years!)

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I visited Segovia, Spain, since we both had a vacation day! It was a beautiful, cold, sunny day in Northwest Spain, and we had a wonderful (although quick) trip! I even drove all the way there and back... yes, I've learned to drive a manual SUV in another country! Beginning next week - once we receive the insurance paperwork - I will start driving myself to work and back each day. Wow!

We packed our lunch to take to Segovia so that we could save by not eating out. I packed a bocadillo (a sandwich normally made on a baguette that contains ham, olive oil, tomatoes and salt) but I made it a bit more waistline friendly! I bought rye bread from the bakery and added a bit of light mayo and some sliced turkey breast.

Instead of baked dessert, I took a petit suisse. Petit suisse (pronounced "petty swees") would be the bastard love child of a menage a trois between Spanish queso fresco (solid cottage cheese), pudding and fruit-flavored yogurt. It has a thick consistency, a sweet fruity taste, and is relatively low in calories. A large petit suisse has 2PP.
Petit suisse! Yum!
After lunch, we visited the Alcázar, the Roman aqueduct (still functioning today!) and the cathedral. We also had a wonderful merienda, or Spanish version of late afternoon snack, in a local bakery. I had a strawberry tartlet for a wonderful 8PP. It was worth every single point!

Incidentally, I tracked all of my points yesterday and clocked in at 41PP. However, between all of the walking (up and downhill!) and the 152 stair climb of the Torre de Juan II, I earned 12 activity points!

Even though yesterday was an amazing holiday, today I am back on track and only 1PP over my daily limit. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip!

Fighting a knight!

The beginning of the famous arches of the Segovian aqueduct! We touched it!

The façade of the Alcázar, one of the castles that inspired Disney's Cinderella's Castle!

Handsome Jorge atop the Torre de Juan II.

The cathedral in Segovia at sunset.

Me and my new crocheted conductors cap!

The beautiful Segovian countryside viewed from the Alcázar!
One of the most ornate ceilings I have ever seen, and Spain is famous for ornate ceilings!

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